The Dutch weather; ever-changing and highly unpredictable!

If you have been spending some time in the Netherlands, you have probably noticed how the Dutch love to talk about the Dutch weather. It’s an everyday topic of conversation that never seems to get dull. And that makes sense, because the Dutch weather tends to be ever-changing and highly unpredictable. The basics The Netherlands, … Continued

It’s ‘Prinsjesdag’ today, a day full of traditions

Every year on the third Tuesday of September, all members of Dutch parliament dress their best, and gather traditionally in the Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall) in Den Haag (The Hague) to listen to the Troonrede, (Speech of the Throne) read out loud by the head of state, the monarch. This year it is not possible to … Continued

Cultuur snuiven! The Cultural season is starting

Cultuur snuiven! The cultural season is getting started in the Netherlands, and here’s all you need to know about it. It’s been a while. Cultural and creative sectors have been hit incredibly hard by the Covid-19 regulations, for which creative industries have been facing ‘a cultural catastrophe’. All the more is to celebrate for the … Continued

De Nederlandse sportzomer

The so-called  ‘Nederlandse sportzomer’ (Summer of Sports) is on its way! Having launched with the European soccer Championships, the summer of 2021 really will be full of sports events: from Wimbledon and the Tour the France to the Grand Prix and the Tokyo Olympics Games – we can’t wait for it all to get started, so … Continued

Meet the Oranjes: the Dutch Royal Family

Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the seven koninkrijken (kingdoms) in Europe? Het Koninklijk huis (The royal house), as the Dutch royal family is referred to, is very popular in the Netherlands, but also sometimes a topic of discussion. Some love the tradition of a monarchy, some think it is a bit … Continued

The Paashaas is coming to town! Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands

Easter is around the corner, and in the Netherlands this festivity usually marks the beginning of spring time. The first rays of sunshine have broken through, flowers start to bloom and more and more time is spent outdoors. Easter is a widely celebrated family holiday in the Netherlands and it comes with some century old … Continued

Giving compliments in Dutch: our DIY guide

Whoever’s lived in the Netherlands for a while, knows: the Dutch are not particularly lavish with giving compliments. That’s probably because traditionally in the Netherlands, being normal (and thus not standing out) is considered to be a virtue. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Dutch don’t love to receive compliments. After all, compliments make people … Continued

When the lockdown is over we’re going to celebrate our birthdays!

From circle talks to felicitaties: a survival guide to Dutch birthdays Have you ever wondered how the Dutch celebrate their birthdays? When the lockdown is over there will be plenty of birthdays to celebrate! So let’s prepare you for what lies ahead, because the traditional Dutch way of celebrating a verjaardag (birthday) is a very … Continued