Welkom! Voel je thuis in Nederland!

How to feel at home (thuis) in the Netherlands?  If you have just arrived in the Netherlands and you’re orienting yourself to enroll in a Dutch course, it’s nice to get a few tips on how to learn the Dutch language for free! Learning Dutch is fun! Follow the tips below and learn Dutch for free before you sign up for a fun course at our partner Taalthuis!

Designate a Dutch area at home or at work!

If you have a Dutch partner you probably have quite a bit of discussion about when to practice your Dutch. If you point out a Dutch part of your house, for example the kitchen, to be the area where you only speak Dutch, or agree to speak Dutch in the car, it will be clearer when or when you can practice your Dutch skills.

It can also be a good idea at work to designate some tables in the canteen as Dutch-only tables during lunch. A perfect solution for you to practice your Dutch, and for your colleagues not to feel guilty about not speaking English.

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Go to the Library

You'll receive a free membership card for a year, when you tell the register you want to learn Dutch. With this you can borrow books and make use of their services for free. The library has a special section with books for learning Dutch.

Check out the following websites:

The following websites are all free.


This website has an extensive selection of programs. Choose 'taal' and start with the programs with one star (easiest). With regular practice on this website, you can reach A1 for free!


On this website you find all conjugations of Dutch verbs. Very handy!

This website offers good exercises for all levels.

Choose the Dutch langauge and you will find nice popular Dutch songs to listen to. Fun and a great way to practice spelling, listening and also implicitly learn about word order, pronunciation.

The section RELEVANT NT2-DOSSIERS offers good reliable information in English about the different exams.

Install Dutch apps on your phone or tablet

Use apps like Duolingo, Quizlet or Memrise to practice vocabulary.
These apps are great to get started before you will follow a Dutch course

Jeugdjournaal, watch the news for kids daily

Watch the news for kids on www.jeugdjournaal.nl. It's simple,  and excellent for people learning Dutch.  Download the Jeugdjournaal app to your phone.

Watch Netflix with Dutch subtitles

When you watch something on Netflix, set the subtitles to Dutch. An nice way to learn Dutch words while sitting on the couch and watching a movie or a serie.

Watch Lingo on 'uitzending gemist'

Lingo a quiz on Dutch television where they spell 5 letter words and in the final 6 or 7 letter words. You can find it on 'uitzending gemist' a good way to listen to the pronunciation and spelling of Dutch words.

Learn Dutch the fun way at Taalthuis, because learning Dutch is Fun!

If you enjoy what you’re doing, learning anything will go faster and more efficient. There are many ways to learn Dutch. It’s not easy, but be sure to find the right things for you. You can only learn by doing, the more you practice, the better you get at it, so jump in, get started and immerse as much as you can. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

It’s a social skill, so find others to practice together. Make sure you’re having fun doing it. Anyone can learn! Use music to help you get into the rhythm. “Zet ‘m op!” (good luck & succes!)
We hope to welcome you in the future in one of the (virtual) classrooms of our partner Taalthuis!